Empowering Farmers, Enhancing Quality

We Are A Farmer-Led Initiative to Tackle Agribusiness Supply Chain Gaps in Kenya

About us

Muggreen Farms tackles supply chain gaps through superior quality control checks and strategic partnerships in capacity expansion in an age where consumers are concerned about fair trade and climate change.

In collaboration with social enterprises, Muggreen runs community engagement programs that empower peer farmers through business skills, CO2 emission reduction, and access to the market.

Quality Control

Our Agribusiness experts ensure the highest standards of quality control.

Because of that, we have been certified by Global GAP, GRASP & SMETA.

Our Produce

Kenyan Avocado

We currently produce a wide variety of avocados, the two main types being HASS and FUERTE.

Kenyan Mangoes

We produce over seven varieties of mangoes, the two main ones being APPLE and NGOWE.


We produce Rosemary, Thyme, Mint, Basil, Sage, and Chives among other herbs.

Our Administrative Team

Our Administrative Team is comprised of:

  • Emma Wachira – Executive Chair & Head of Community Engagement.
  • Cedric Alaro – Managing Director.
  • Charles Kibuchi – Head of Research and Development.
  • Wachira Muthui – Head of Marketing.
  • Malusi – Agronomist, Quality Control Expert and Head of Logistics.