Our Administrative Team

Emma Wachira

Executive Chair & Head of Community Engagement

Founder and chair of the board of Mugggreen, Emma is not just a farmer but a community development expert with over 20 years of experience. She has worked on projects with multiple reputable international aid organisations and is passionate about Farming and Community Engagement Projects.

Cedric Alaro

Managing Director

A farmer passionate about herbs and an engineer by training, Cedric has multi-sectoral experience in Project Management, Marketing Research, Sales, Account Management, Construction Material Marketing, Trade and Investment facilitation. He brings his experience to bear, leading the Muggreen Farms team and corporate structures.

Charles Kibuchi

Head of Research and Development

Charles is a skilled professional with expertise in Africa and a strong understanding of the unique market conditions and opportunities in the continent. His experience in market research and entry, combined with his expertise in project management and trade mission coordination, has proved invaluable to Muggreen Farms. Charles is a second-generation farmer specializing in herbs, his razor-sharp business acumen finds expression in his farming, delivering quality and quantity of produce.

Wachira Muthui

Head of Marketing

A third-generation farmer, Wachira is passionate about
modernizing agricultural processes. He is a qualified sales and marketing expert with more than 14 years in the petroleum industry. His extensive knowledge and experience in
Supply chain management has been invaluable in modernising farm processes.


Agronomist, Quality Control Expert & Head of Logistics

Malusi is an essential part of our quality control systems, possessing extensive knowledge of pest control and farm processes. He oversees our operations every step of the way, from planting and harvesting to packaging, to ensure that we maintain the highest standards for our products.